Jallikattu Protests: Right to Animal Cruelty Now? Law

In India, our hearts never stop bleeding for the cows, but their husbands — the bulls — are an altogether different matter. Compared to their human counterparts, the bulls might not have quite as many husbandly complaints of spousal maltreatment, but in the times of Jallikattu they can almost definitely plead gender discrimination. When the issue of animal abuse and needlessly endangering human life quickly...

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Dennis Andrew Nilsen: For the Company of the Dead Crime File

He was suddenly conscious of the fact that it was morning and soon his now asleep bedmate would leave. He reached out to his body and the touch of his warm body aroused him. He did not want him to leave. He looked around and spotted the fellow’s tie among the clothes they had shed the last night. Recalling the incident four years later he...

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AWAARGI: Love Unfair Movies

Love is complicated. That’s the easy part. But it may not be quite as easy to understand that it is not necessarily just. And that it is sometimes blatantly unjust. And also that on certain occasions it is perfectly capable of tearing one apart with disarming innocence. One can only squirm and fume, and get frustrated when that happens because there is nothing that one...

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SHAUKEEN: Unapologetically Lustful, Age No Bar Movies

To make a movie about three lecherous old men salivating at every woman and girl who has the misfortune of falling within their eyesight was indeed a courageous thing to do back in the 1980s, or in any era that we have seen, for that matter; particularly so in India. That’s because we have never been comfortable with lust and advancing age. To us, lust...

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TRIYACHARITRA: Remarkably Restrained Movies

Child marriages have been part of a larger social reality in India as well as elsewhere for a long time, and while all child marriage might not have turned into disasters, certain social circumstances could and did turn some of them into blazing nightmares. Triyachartira tells the story of a child bride, Bimli (Rajeshwari), who is betrothed to a boy at an early age of...

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Miranda Rights – II: Miranda’s Misfortune Crime File

The officers brought the teenager into the doorway and asked Ernesto if she was the girl he had raped. Ernesto believed that the girl had already identified him at the line-up. “That’s the girl,” Miranda said. Once the girl left, the officer asked Ernesto to write his confession on a sheet of paper at the top of which was the disclaimer that the suspect was...

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Miranda Rights – I: The Crime That Reshaped The Law Crime File

On March 2, 1963, at around 11:00 p.m., as a certain 18-year-old (by some accounts 17-year-old) teenager walked down the street, a car pulled out of a driveway and stopped a block ahead of her. A man emerged from the car and started walking towards her. She wanted to pass him by, but he grabbed her with one hand while the other hand covered her...

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The Eyeball Killer of Texas – II: Albright Is Guilty? Crime File

The police obtained a warrant for Albright’s arrest and had his house at Oak Cliff in  El Dorado raided after midnight on March 22, 1991 by the elite tactical squad. They placed a call on the house to ensure that Albright was at home when they raided. When a male responded to the call, they moved in by smashing a window and hurling stun grenades...

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@shekharkapur -- How? But they are already hating. So, yes, the question is whether or not he is a democratically elected leader at all. 7 days ago

The police does not have any discretion in this regard except in cases where the offense alleged just could not be committed. 7 days ago

The law is very clear: If the complainant makes an accusation of a cognizable offence, the police has to register an FIR. #GayatriPrajapati 7 days ago

It is ridiculous that the Supreme Court had to order the registration of an FIR against Gayatri Prajapati after allegations of rape. 7 days ago

That's the same thing. She is the one rocket that keeps 125 million satellites launched all the time. :-P twitter.com/refinada5/stat… 1 week ago

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Away only a few light years in distance and couple of centuries in time. twitter.com/JayasreeVijaya… 2 weeks ago

You have hired a monkey to write software code. He is punching the keys in all the wrong ways. Wondering what happened? Democracy. :-p 3 weeks ago

With huge protests against his presidency, Trump is 'so-called President' a lot more than the federal judge is a 'so-called judge'. 3 weeks ago

I realized we might be living in the post-truth world when President Trump called a federal judge 'so-called judge'. 3 weeks ago

@BhuvanBaam -- We'll be better off when the likes of you learn that 'atrocities' are not against Hindus or Muslims, but against people. 3 weeks ago

@BhuvanBaam -- And 'secular India' is the only India there is and can be. You don't have a choice there, as it should be. 3 weeks ago

@BhuvanBaam -- Atrocities cannot be tolerated against anybody regardless of community. So, defending anybody is defending everybody 3 weeks ago

@BhuvanBaam -- And if say you can do nothing about it despite the legitimate means at your disposal, you are simply lying. 3 weeks ago

@BhuvanBaam -- If you are in majority and still there are atrocities being practiced against you, you have every means to change the system. 3 weeks ago

No 'post-truth' world, this. Just gullible idiots, us. 4 weeks ago

Mr. Mallaya asserted that the SEBI and the CBI, apart from other agencies, are witch hunters. Why not prove that, Mr. Mallaya? Stand trial. 4 weeks ago

How can we distrust the golden words of an honest liquor baron on the run? The new witch-hunter after the Mallaya-witch is the SEBI. 4 weeks ago

Vijay Mallaya says he has not fled India due to legal trouble, but has merely gone back to being an NRI once again. Yep, just like that. 4 weeks ago

Didn't hear the speech. But didn't expect anything better anyway. twitter.com/virsanghvi/sta… 1 month ago

Men never complained about being 'objectified' as 'money generators' for reason. Reason: It works well for the most of us. :-D 1 month ago

Average looking men -- and even the ugly ones -- have hope dancing right there. You can literally 'earn' a pretty woman. :-P 1 month ago

Not everything, but money can still buy many things, including the 'love' of a pretty woman for a mean man. :-P nytimes.com/video/us/polit… 1 month ago

A mass movement, really? For what? To be able to torture the bulls and prove your masculinity? 1 month ago

Human husbands must take note of the plight of cows' husbands in the times of Jallikattu. You can't do any better. :-P #Jallikattu 1 month ago

Cows are worshipped and aggressively protected, but their husbands -- the bulls -- can be treated like performing jokers. #Jallikattu 1 month ago

Tamil pride is tied to a cruel and barbaric bull-fighting event now. Doesn't sound like a great cause to lend one's support to. 1 month ago

Yes, we can imagine. At least I can. That's because I can imagine us growing brains some day. twitter.com/BDUTT/status/8… 1 month ago

We have no real issues to protest for or against. Half of the time we are intellectually too lazy to even analyze real problems. 1 month ago

Hindu Pride, Maratha Pride, Tamil Pride and all kinds of pride are there with little being done to be proud of. 1 month ago

Our cultural identities are so brittle that a ban here and an abrasion there pose fatal threats. 1 month ago

India is funny country. One day we want to save cows, the other day we want to torture bulls and endanger human life. 1 month ago

How about PM2.5? Hope cows also have an air filter effective against SPM. 1 month ago

I don't want to look quite that dumb even to Google. But then I am wondering if our teachers at school just forgot to mention it. :-| 1 month ago

How do I even google if cows inhale and exhale oxygen? :-O 1 month ago

All processions -- no matter how peaceful -- are potentially dangerous for the same reason. They are gunpowder walking, awaiting a spark. 2 months ago

Mobs are irresponsible, cruel and monstrous. Period. 2 months ago

In a mob, everybody just feels freely irresponsible and entitled to it. Also, it's not about men alone. It's the same with all human beings. 2 months ago

I wouldn't say things like 'let's take responsibility' because it's nonsense, for we take 'responsibility' when we feel responsible. 2 months ago

It's not individually enough, but collect the little shit in everybody and it can give you another Bengaluru-load of shit any day. 2 months ago

If men are not individual such, they couldn't be collectively such. We all have a little of it somewhere. 2 months ago

The debate around 'Not All Men' in the context of the Bengaluru incident is actually misplaced. 2 months ago

Human being across the globe -- men and women alike -- are selfish, mean and extremely cruel. Mobs have no morality and no humanity. 2 months ago

"मैंने मोदी जी से सीखा है के आदमी झूठ भी बोले तो ‘विज़न’ बड़ा होना चाहिए।" -- संपत सरल, व्यंगकार 2 months ago

The only thing I liked in Modi was 'Mitron', and now even that is gone. Not fair! :( #Mitron 2 months ago

Bring the 'Mitron' back! We want 'Mitron'! We want 'Mitron'!! We want 'Mitron'!!! :-D #Mitron 2 months ago

You make a very thoughtful selection of words in your s… — No, I do not use profane language or swear words in per… l.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECN7… 2 months ago

Do you like kids in general? Do you find to be as cute … — No, I don't find kids 'cute' in general. I find pupps a… l.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECN7… 2 months ago

Dronacharya was the first one to opt for the 'Digital Payment' method. :-P pic.twitter.com/fUZPdhRaPd 2 months ago

Twitter Media

Truth, like I always say, cannot be suppressed for long. And, no, there is just one truth though reality might be m… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… 2 months ago

A new low? We have always known that; it's just getting out in open now. twitter.com/hemrajsingh/st… 2 months ago

India's ruling party ordered online abuse of opponents, claims book theguardian.com/world/2016/dec… 2 months ago

Can we have a 'government-less' governance then instead of the clueless, pointless and mindless one that we currently have? 2 months ago

Like clueless means with 'less clue', baseless means 'less base', mindless means 'less mind' and pointless means 'less point'? 2 months ago

"Cashless means less cash, not no cash" -- Arun Jaitley. Yeah? 2 months ago

@ArvindKejriwal @AbhinavMishrAAP @ielvisgomes - Vote for 'honesty' means vote for you? Vote for you is just vote for stupidity. 2 months ago

Demonetization done. Time to hold the governments accountable for the spending of our tax money realized by the painful extraction method. 2 months ago

If it doesn't get deposited in your accounts with the overseas banks, it gets squandered over the grand statues. Story of the tax money. 2 months ago

I am sure it serves some great Maratha-pride purpose that does will put food in the tummies of the poor and place roofs on their heads. 2 months ago

A 3600 crore statue for no good purpose. Then you ask why we don't want to pay taxes? That's bloody why! 2 months ago

@sardesairajdeep @ishman212 -- Reminds me of Piku. Constipation keeps shit on your mind. Hope the boy feels relieved now. :-D 2 months ago

@sardesairajdeep @ishman212 -- Such sparklingly frustrated lad, that. A Bhakt, is it? :P 2 months ago

Quite a fascinating feat, isn't it? But then, like a friend pointed out, 'Kareena' is meaningless and 'Saif' means… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… 2 months ago

Sadly, much of it is true. I wonder if there is anything fascinating about the name except possibly the meaning --… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… 2 months ago

Ha ha ha! Yeah, something like that. :-P twitter.com/tariq_pirzada/… 2 months ago

@GabbbarSingh -- Ha ha ha! Oh! Someone else, too, named their progeny Taimur! And killing by running over is hardly a Taimur thing to do! 2 months ago

@noconversion -- Why didn't you? Were they charging you for thinking? Can you blame someone for your lack of imagination? 2 months ago

@abbas_haiderr -- Just to clarify, I don't find it objectionable; just a little hilarious. Sorry if that is offensive to anybody. :-P 2 months ago

@abbas_haiderr -- You are right. They are not reacting to the name, but to the naming. :-) 2 months ago

Now, this is really sad. I don't like the name either, but wish the kid a long, healthy and successful life. twitter.com/Joydas/status/… 2 months ago

After all, it's the baby's name -- a label that's going to stick to him or her for life. Do a good job choosing the label. 2 months ago

Parents should name their babies responsibly, lest the babies should hate them later for their choice of the name. :-P 2 months ago

I am not challening thier right to name the baby, only the 'wisdom' behind it. Baby names carry parental aspirations. Theirs are funny. :-D 2 months ago

You have every right to name your baby. But -- just curious -- who names their baby after a limping, opportunist mass murderer? 2 months ago

India's favourite journalist is Arnab Goswami. Now we can elect Trump, too. :-D twitter.com/TheTweet0fIndi… 2 months ago

are you married? — No. Does it matter? l.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECN7… 3 months ago

@Love_bug1016 @KajuKatli__- What kind of intimacy is this where you are only a voyeur? Wait, whose intimacy with whose right person, again? 3 months ago

@AshuMittal @KajuKatli__ @jimmysheirgill -- Like Akshay Kumar, he'll produce one only to get away with the heroine. 3 months ago

@BrushUrTeeth_03 @KajuKatli__ -- They generally make the credits roll right after inserting an interval. Snip and Snap. Snapped. :-P 3 months ago

This is not exactly the best time for a judicially enforced patriotism/nationalism. 3 months ago

@kavita_krishnan @ArvindKejriwal -- And if they try to pull such a misadventure off, we are in for a grave constitutional crisis. 3 months ago

@kavita_krishnan @ArvindKejriwal -- And the short answer is, no, the government cannot decline a judicial appointment on any ground. 3 months ago

This is what happens when the National Security shit is brought into everything. twitter.com/kavita_krishna… 3 months ago

I thought the old notes could be exchanged till December 31, 2016. Isn't it what the PM announced on November 8, 2016? 3 months ago

And there falls the broad sword of Demonetization in the fake currency battle. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad… 3 months ago

Oh! Perhaps they did not have the terrorist-detector application on the chip. May be the next lot would have the ad… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… 3 months ago

I was hoping that the GPS chip in the new currency notes would disclose the location of the terrorists to the gover… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… 3 months ago

Terrorists Killed In Kashmir's Bandipora Had New Rs 2,000 Notes, Say Police ndtv.com/india-news/ter… via @ndtv 3 months ago

@SrBachchan -- Mere saath aao mere doston? 3 months ago