Gujarat 2002: Defending the Indefensible? Law / Politics

Tavleen Singh’s widely shared opinion piece in the Indian Express titled Fifth column: Political pundits. Really? carried the byline that prominently quoted from the article declaring that: “In Gujarat in 2002, both Hindus and Muslims died, but we called it a pogrom and the demonisation of Narendra Modi began.” She started by pointing out that the ‘political pundits’ — whatever that means, but she counts herself among them — have...

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Aadhaar Act: Fraud on the Constitution? Law

The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery Of Financial And Other Subsidies, Benefits And Services) Act, 2016, or the ‘Aadhaar Act’ for short, started out as a government scheme after the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was established on January 28, 2009 by a notification issued by the Planning Commission, and Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of Infosys, was appointed the head of the project on June 23,...

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THE NATIONAL ANTHEM ORDER: Bad in Law, Bad in Fact Law

First off, in stressing the need for the promotion of ‘constitutional patriotism’, the Supreme Court seems to have presupposed the existence of other kinds of patriotisms and to have also underscored the preferability of ‘constitutional patriotism’ to the other kinds, even if the apex court did not go as far as to deride or denounce the way ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ is being used as a...

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Jallikattu Protests: Right to Animal Cruelty Now? Law

In India, our hearts never stop bleeding for the cows, but their husbands — the bulls — are an altogether different matter. Compared to their human counterparts, the bulls might not have quite as many husbandly complaints of spousal maltreatment, but in the times of Jallikattu they can almost definitely plead gender discrimination. When the issue of animal abuse and needlessly endangering human life quickly...

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Dennis Andrew Nilsen: For the Company of the Dead Crime File

He was suddenly conscious of the fact that it was morning and soon his now asleep bedmate would leave. He reached out to his body and the touch of his warm body aroused him. He did not want him to leave. He looked around and spotted the fellow’s tie among the clothes they had shed the last night. Recalling the incident four years later he...

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AWAARGI: Love Unfair Movies

Love is complicated. That’s the easy part. But it may not be quite as easy to understand that it is not necessarily just. And that it is sometimes blatantly unjust. And also that on certain occasions it is perfectly capable of tearing one apart with disarming innocence. One can only squirm and fume, and get frustrated when that happens because there is nothing that one...

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SHAUKEEN: Unapologetically Lustful, Age No Bar Movies

To make a movie about three lecherous old men salivating at every woman and girl who has the misfortune of falling within their eyesight was indeed a courageous thing to do back in the 1980s, or in any era that we have seen, for that matter; particularly so in India. That’s because we have never been comfortable with lust and advancing age. To us, lust...

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TRIYACHARITRA: Remarkably Restrained Movies

Child marriages have been part of a larger social reality in India as well as elsewhere for a long time, and while all child marriage might not have turned into disasters, certain social circumstances could and did turn some of them into blazing nightmares. Triyachartira tells the story of a child bride, Bimli (Rajeshwari), who is betrothed to a boy at an early age of...

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Hemraj Singh

A practicing lawyer specializing in both civil and criminal trials, and a working journalist.

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There you go. Their 'religious' feelings are now hurt. Soon, not being hurt at such things would be anti-national. 2 weeks ago

The question is not whether he could or not, the question is what concrete evidence you have to suspect him? 2 weeks ago

I am with the Board on this. Obscenities are not acceptable, and must not be mainstreamed by the movies. 2 weeks ago

No, that's incorrect. The 'two countries' did not sign any 'MoU'. It was BCCI and the PCB, two cricket profiteers. 2 weeks ago

Nobody is with God. Nobody cares. You need to be more specific than that. Name Him and see the outrage. 😝😝 2 weeks ago

Fine for kissing, and then a bigger penalty -- marriage. Life imprisonment for kissing? On the cheek at that. 😝😝 2 weeks ago

That's some serious team work. Heartening to see the selfless, collective resolve and effort. 🙂 2 weeks ago

How are these chest beaters going to compensate for the harassment and loss of business caused to the hotel? 2 weeks ago

Yes, we need some consensus on this if this has to go anywhere, and has to be done right. 2 weeks ago

Sounds like good news. 2 weeks ago

This is nonsense. The Ramayana belongs just as much to Ravana as it belongs to Lord Rama. Both angels and demons ha…… 2 weeks ago

CBFC demands removal of Hanuman dialogue in Sarkar 3: Report -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Bails remain intact despite dislodged middle stump in match -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Jakarta governor found guilty of blasphemy, jailed for 2 yrs -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Triple talaq unsustainable, violates basic women rights: HC -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

80% are corrupt, but not all of them. And this fellow is the crusader, the new messiah. Social media gives a soapbo…… 2 weeks ago

80% of officers in BSF are corrupt: Sacked jawan -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Note ban did not impede future black money flows: UN Report -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

The man was completely out of hand perhaps because he was out of his mind. How did he become a High Court judge, I…… 2 weeks ago

CS Karnan becomes first sitting HC judge sentenced to jail -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Government with biometric information is too dangerous, particularly when acting in the garb of national interest.… 2 weeks ago

Yes, it is. We don't want to add another security risk, and certainly not in conjunction with the most powerful ent…… 2 weeks ago

The biggest privacy risk is your smartphone: Nandan Nilekani -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Really? Role model? For the millenial generation? Right. That's why the GenMil is swimming in the sewers already. 😐… 2 weeks ago

Bieber is role model for millennial generation: Amjad Ali -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

Tharoor challenges Republic TV to prove 'false claims' -via @inshorts 2 weeks ago

We are fast becoming a cow-loving, human-indifferent and Muslim-hating nation, or so it seems. 2 weeks ago

No. Never been a deterrent. But makes us feel that justice has been served. Let's be content with that.… 3 weeks ago

Right. And what is the government doing or thinking of doing about it, if anything at all?… 3 weeks ago

@singer_shaan Jealousy towards Sonu? How could the promise to not tweet anything that is likely to spread hatred be…… 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha Okay. In that case we are done here. Good Day. 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha No, Mr. Jha. Did you see 'One Did Not Fly And Could Not Have Flown Over Cuckoo's Nest'? 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha I did not state a personal fact, only a general proposition, if you understand the difference, Mr. Jha. 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha But even if it could, I am not interested in it anyway. Pride is not what I am looking for. 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha Not interested in either, Mr. Jha. If I am proud of being inferior, as you implied, being less inferior…… 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha @sagenaradamuni Good for you. Britain is paradise where nothing goes wrong. 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha I also wonder why a man at the apex of the world order would engage with a lowly, 'average Indian' with…… 3 weeks ago

@Gonu1_Jha Both being 'average' -- Indian or otherwise -- and having an inferiority complex is a lot better than be…… 3 weeks ago

@James_Kr_Bond @sagenaradamuni Like you can do anything if something happens anywhere anyway. 3 weeks ago

Why does this sound like part Modi and part Kejri? 😛😛… 3 weeks ago

Even in the era of post-truth, there are no multiple truths; only multiple perspectives. And lies. 3 weeks ago

.@jack : Large scale shut down of accounts which tweet rape threats against women! #RapeThre...… via @ChangeOrg_India 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 That's Pakistan dealing with its own problems. We are not needed to worry…… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 The Pakistani law enforcement machinery has responded like any like machi…… 4 weeks ago

One can't even honk at a cow now. Soon enough looking at a cow would be a crime.… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 Why not protect both Hindus and Muslims against all atrocities? Better st…… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 And if you really feel very strongly about protecting people across the border, that is also fine. 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 Yes, do protect Hindustan by all means. Hinduism needs no protection just like Islam needs none. 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 What has happened has already happened. As of now, Pakistan is not India,…… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 But if you are saying that no houses should be burnt anywhere, I am with you on that. 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 I am asking you to treat nationalities as identifiers and not the religion. 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 No, basically I am telling you that they are not our people. I am asking…… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 Let's take care of our country and our people, Hindus and others, and lea…… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 Those are houses of the citizens of Pakistan in Pakistan. If it creates a…… 4 weeks ago

@bharatmatakijai @sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 The houses burnt in Pakistan are not our problem. We need to deal with ou…… 4 weeks ago

@sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 No lessons can be learnt from a failed nation except why it is a failed nation. The lesson: Keep religion out. 4 weeks ago

@sagenaradamuni @Swamy39 Pakistan is not our country. Let's make sure that we don't go that way. They may burn thei…… 4 weeks ago

@sardesairajdeep I think we all wonder the same quite often. 4 weeks ago

“To see a woman who never needed a man is a wonderful thing.” – Arundhati Roy. And a man who never needed a woman? 1 month ago

@kmverughese @PritishNandy Yes. They have no idea how to be serious, or, for that matter, what to be serious about. 1 month ago

@PritishNandy They would just assume that everybody who is speaking now must have maintained a partisan silence bac…… 1 month ago

I heard someone say today, "Suna hai wo coma se waapis aa gaye." Like coma was a tourist destination. 1 month ago

@sadhavi Associating with a group - religious or otherwise - is not a religious undertaking; it's by its very nature a political act. 1 month ago

@sadhavi @ShashiTharoor Perhaps because we are not responding to BJP as the followers of Hinduism, but only as the…… 1 month ago

@paulocoelho Unless he or she is doing it to the detriment of his or her self-respect, or is exposing himself or herself to moral judgments. 1 month ago

@aarifsln @PritishNandy And the media is not comfortable keeping the business going even if it means abdication of journalistic duties. 1 month ago

@aarifsln @PritishNandy Yes, true. Also, dealing with real issue would involve hard work and ruffling the feathers…… 1 month ago

@amit79in @PritishNandy Says a certain 'Amit' blank/nothing with the picture of a bearded sculpture for a DP. Part…… 1 month ago

Because politics works through dividing people, and cricket does absolutely nothing significant except make money f…… 1 month ago

Why should the views be 'pro-government'? What purpose would those views serve except congratulating the government…… 1 month ago

Yes. Even today. Even in the face of governmental suppression.… 1 month ago

Azaan is only a call for the prayer, Sonu. You could get up, and start riyaaz, if that's what you consider praying like many real singers. 1 month ago

Never attended the Mata Ki Chaukis, unlike Mr. Nigam. But even the deafening noise they produced didn't evoke the Sonu-like reaction in me. 1 month ago

And that is when I am not and have never been religious. 1 month ago

I woke up to Azaans and also to bells of the temples, and it never made me feel the 'forced religiousness' that Mr. Nigam felt. 1 month ago

Azaan is only a call for the prayer, Sonu. You could get up, and start riyaaz, if that's what you consider praying like many real singers. 1 month ago

There are many more apologies pending for wounds much fresher and tragedies much closer at home. 1984 and 2002, the…… 1 month ago

Democracy is only, and only about informed choice by the electorate, but in absence of options, information is politically barren. 1 month ago

The truth of the day is that on the political front we are running out of viable alternatives to the BJP. Bad times for Indian democracy. 1 month ago

What are your thoughts on being a judge as a profession… — No, I never thought of being a judge, and I don't want …… 2 months ago