Ways to Put Romance Back in Your Bedroom Relationships

Being a non-romantic person, I do not ordinarily advise people on such issues as romance and love, but there are still a few tried and tested ways to improve the one’s post-marital bedroom life. It is not my wisdom at work here, for all that I am doing is put together the widely agreed upon opinion of the people experienced in these matters. Marriages, or...

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Are You His Woman Or Just ‘Fun’? Relationships

Is he? Is he not? Well, you need to find that out. Difficult? Could be. But there are telltale signs as unmistakable as a strolling elephant on a sunny day in a lifeless desert. All you need to do is be watchful, and story would reveal itself like an open book. We thought of helping you out with this bad boy, who never seemed to...

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Is Love A Relationship? Relationships

I have no idea what ‘love’ is, and I don’t think I can ever get anywhere close to knowing it, for it’s difficult to comprehend anything that means so many different things to so many different people. All that one can do is speculate about what it can possibly be. When does an intense liking for something become capable of being described as ‘love’ is...

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Why the bad guy takes the girl…and how far Relationships

With another report hammering it, the truth is out to the massive disappointment of ‘good guys’. So, why do good guys despite having been told that they are ‘ideal’ in every respect fail to become ‘hot property’ with girls? What is it that attracts women to the darker persona? At the same time, it, too, is indisputable that though women like such bad boys for...

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