Rahul Gandhi: The ‘Soch’ Man! Humour

Rahul Plato Gandhi. The world is an idea. A big idea. A grand idea. It’s such an idea that one cannot even begin to imagine what an idea it is! At the heart of this idea, the grand idea that is under discussion here, there is this immeasurable depth of ideation, which is so deep that one can only look inside and shudder in wonder at the depth.

Our philosophy should be based on such deep ideation, the depth of which remains forever immeasurable. It is in this depth that we would find the answer to all our questions because there are no such questions the answer to which cannot be found, and if the answers can be found, we must look for them in the depth of the idea. The reason why we should look into the depth of the idea for the answers is that one cannot find the answers anywhere else because the answers are nowhere else. The answers are inside the idea, but it is difficult for some people to understand the idea because the idea is deep inside our hearts.

One can always ask so many questions, but those who ask these questions so often do not realize that the answers can easily be found, and we all know where they can be found. It is easy. But in order to actually find those answers we need to change the system. It is the system that prevents us from going deeper into the idea and find the answers to our problems. It is not easy to change the system. It is actually very difficult because the system is very systematic, which makes it closed to any change. But there is a process. We do have a process by which we can change the system. We must use the process. But before bringing the process into play to change the system, there is one thing we must ensure — Women Empowerment!

First published on my other Blog on January 29, 2014.

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