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The ‘Protagoras Paradox of the Court’ Is A Non-Starter Philosophy

This little story — also called ‘Paradox of the Court’ — keeps coming up in different versions all the time and even lawyers find it baffling, which I find quite strange. After having been asked the solution over and over again, when the same problem was sent over to me by a student once again today, I decided to write my response and publish it....

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Sanity And Madness Philosophy

Madness has always been at loggerheads with sanity for a simple reason that sanity was always awarded the highest perch while insanity was condemned to the lowest grounds like it was a dirty secret fit only for the dungeons. Cage it, lock it and forget it, has always been the three-tier policy with respect to madness. I wouldn’t say that people did not critically analyze...

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Rahul Gandhi: The ‘Soch’ Man! Humour

Rahul Plato Gandhi. The world is an idea. A big idea. A grand idea. It’s such an idea that one cannot even begin to imagine what an idea it is! At the heart of this idea, the grand idea that is under discussion here, there is this immeasurable depth of ideation, which is so deep that one can only look inside and shudder in wonder...

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