Ways to Put Romance Back in Your Bedroom Relationships

Being a non-romantic person, I do not ordinarily advise people on such issues as romance and love, but there are still a few tried and tested ways to improve the one’s post-marital bedroom life. It is not my wisdom at work here, for all that I am doing is put together the widely agreed upon opinion of the people experienced in these matters. Marriages, or such other long-standing, marriage-like relationships tend to dampen the passionate side of the bond, and this is generally because when people get too used to each other, the spark of surprise peters out turning the marriage into a boring everyday affair. Therefore, the solution lies in bringing the element of surprise back into the bedroom. Let’s have a look at a few things that you might try to bring back the titillating romance of the kind that you shared when you started dating.

1. Bedroom is private space meant for romance, and it is entirely up to you to let your bedroom be just a bedroom or turn it into a little, sweet place meant for love-play. So, scented candles, romantically patterned curtains and bedsheets work wonders, and if you have a nice music system playing romantic ballads, it’s the cherry on the cake. You can always plan a surprise home-coming for your partner when he or she is to return from a tiring tour or a grueling day at work. It would make him or her feel your care, and nothing turns people on like genuine care.

Position2. Try new things in bed. There are loads of position that you haven’t tried mostly because either they are a little too inconvenient or are too acrobatic for your rather inflexible physical constitution. You can still try to get into those exotic positions for the fun of it for a short duration before switching back back to your favorite one. The novelty of a new position would keep things exciting.

3. A little, thoughtful gift for no reason and on a day that is not really an occasion is really heart-warming for just about anyone. So, you can go to the market and pick something that he or she would like to have, but would consider buying it a waste of money. A caring gesture goes a long way in bringing the romance back into your life.
Those were three simple ways of bringing the lost romance back into your bedroom. Of course, there are many more ways, but these three almost never fail unless there are some bigger and deeper issues preventing the marriage from running smoothly, in which case you might consider visiting a marriage counselor.

Originally published on Ezine Articles on April 27, 2013.

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