Tag: Serial Killers

ROBERT HANSEN: The Hunter of Human Beings Crime File

When two off-duty police officers of the Anchorage Police Department, Alaska, decided to spend an afternoon hunting on September 12, 1982 in the Knik River valley, they had not thought in the wildest of their dreams that they would chance upon the remains of an unlikely prey of an unusual hunter. John Daily and Audi Holloway were done hunting as the sun went down and...

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JACK THE RIPPER: World’s Most Infamous Serial Killer Crime File

Even after well over a century the legend of Jack The Ripper refuses to die. The serial killers that came much after him have made The Ripper pale in comparison on account of sheer magnitude and monstrosity of their crimes. With just five prostitutes as victims The Ripper is nowhere close to the likes of Ted Bundy, Andrew Nilsen and Albert Fish either in the...

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JOHN WAYNE GACY: The Killer Clown Crime File

22, 1978, Jeffrey Ringall, having returned from a vacation in Florida, decided to reabsorb the city of Chicago. And while he was headed to New Town, a popular area in Chicago known for discos and bars, he met hefty-built guy, who complimented him on his tan and offered a joint as they went driving around the town. Ringall was happy to have some with a...

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