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Agneepath: The Hritik Puppet Show Movies

Greek gods don’t walk the path of fire; it takes an angry, never-old man, sore and coarse from a long, rocky life of raw deals. And muscles might look ‘pretty’ and ‘sexy’ — whatever that means — and ‘pretty sexy’, but they don’t necessarily look menacing or dangerous, particularly when all ‘chocolate boys and men’ of Bollywood now wear muscles like there was a dress...

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GUZAARISH: Death is off the menu Movies

“What’s the point of living such a life,” remarked the one who went to the movie with me. “What’s the point of living any life?” I queried. And I wonder if that sums it up. Either no life is worth living, or every single one is. And, interestingly, no matter which one of the two ways you look at it, life gets a thick edge...

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