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SPARSH: Paranjpye’s Deft Touch Movies

In the dark world of the blind, touch is the only true guide — Sparsh (Hindi for ‘touch’). But whether the blindness shuts the world out and makes the blind incapable of engaging with the world visually, or makes the blind stay in touch with their own alternative world running parallel to the world of the sighted without losing touch with either of the two, or...

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I AM: Sensitive and Subtle Movies

“Kaafi garmi hai.” “You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.” Ensconced in awkward silence, the two sit – the sperm donor and the woman. Silence between strangers echoes polite aloofness. The space that lies between is truly an unoccupied, neutral area that holds no rancour, no hostile indifference, no longing, no pull or push of any kind; it’s just an emotionless, purely...

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GHAJINI: Can Sanjay Singhania be Convicted? Movies

All he has is a terrifying moment frozen in time like a fossilized drop of blood as evidence of a heart-rendingly cruel crime committed in distant past. Every other moment that entered his life made a 15-minute stopover before a quick exit. The nightmare is all that he has to live by, and to annihilate the architects of his sordid past is what he lives...

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