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JACK THE RIPPER: World’s Most Infamous Serial Killer Crime File

Even after well over a century the legend of Jack The Ripper refuses to die. The serial killers that came much after him have made The Ripper pale in comparison on account of sheer magnitude and monstrosity of their crimes. With just five prostitutes as victims The Ripper is nowhere close to the likes of Ted Bundy, Andrew Nilsen and Albert Fish either in the...

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MARY BELL: A 10-year-old serial killer Crime File

10-year-olds, particularly, those little girls look cute and innocent. And once in a while one could also come across a ‘different’ kind of girl – a naughtier version perhaps. But a girl as ‘different’ as to be a serial killer at the tender age of 10 is an extreme rarity. Well, as they say, truth is many a time stranger than fiction. In case of...

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PEDRO LOPEZ : The Hunter of Innocence Crime File

In 1949, Colombia was a very violent place. It was certainly not the place to be born, but unfortunately it was the year Pedro Alonzo Lopez was born in Tolmia amidst riots and unspeakable violence that had started just a year ago when, in the wake of the assassination of a popular politician, Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, a civil war had started. The war was to...

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JOHN WAYNE GACY: The Killer Clown Crime File

22, 1978, Jeffrey Ringall, having returned from a vacation in Florida, decided to reabsorb the city of Chicago. And while he was headed to New Town, a popular area in Chicago known for discos and bars, he met hefty-built guy, who complimented him on his tan and offered a joint as they went driving around the town. Ringall was happy to have some with a...

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