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Freedom to Express includes Freedom to Offend Law

There is a bad book around. And the state, in order to keep our pristine minds unsullied, has decided to slap a parental ban on the book. We, the impressionable toddlers subsisting under the prudent watch of the state, must look up at the state and lisp a gurgling ‘thank you’ beaming our toothless grins of innocent gratitude. The ‘unholy’ book is about the very...

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Mahatma’s Sin Personal

A paintbrush runs across the canvas drawing the bare outline of a bald head. A pause, and the brush returns to draw a pair of round spectacles. In two simple strokes with no facial features drawn the portrait is complete. “The greatness of this man lies in his simplicity,” declares the voice in the background carrying a ring of unmistakable and indisputable truth. “He is...

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