Bilgrami on Gandhi’s Moralistic Political Philosophy Theory

Mahatma Gandhi, a lawyer by training, had his political and legal worldview rooted firmly in his conception of moral uprightness with truth and non-violence at the very core. This makes understanding him tricky because his views are not strictly political or legal but are part of a composite whole. He looks at life in entirety. To his mind one’s political life is not exclusive of...

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Law, Morality and Legitimacy of Resistance Theory

Laws are the diktats that the State governs by. Laws are not only to be obeyed by the people but are also binding on the State. In other words, by enacting the law the State also undertakes to obey them. But laws are not enacted for their own sake. There has to be a clear purpose behind each piece of legislation because all laws, by...

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Doctrine of Divine Rights: The East and the West Theory

To organize into communities was an existential necessity for man. This gave rise to a society when man settled down. Peaceful co-existence was possible only when all members of the society followed certain rules. Rules and regulations can only work when their violation brings adverse consequences for the violator. Rules might be formulated more or less democratically, but they need to be enforced by an...

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Validity of Rand’s criticism of Kant Theory

Ayn Rand was extremely critical of Immanuel Kant. She considered him her intellectual adversary and found him standing against everything that she and her philosophy stood for. Therefore, she found it necessary to attack Kant’s ideas. She strikes Kant’s views regarding the limitations of reason thus: He [Kant] did not deny the validity of reason – he merely claimed that reason is “limited,” that it...

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Liberalism: For Individual Freedom Theory

The term ‘liberalism’ is used to refer to a very broad spectrum of political philosophies that prize individual liberty and equality of opportunity above everything else. Among individual rights, freedom of thought and right to free speech are foremost among liberalist thinkers. Another characteristic of liberalism is limitation on the State and the recognition of certain basic, inalienable individual rights. Liberalist thinkers are generally one...

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Individualism and Pursuit of Happiness Theory

Individualists put the individual above the State and society. To their mind a society is nothing more than a very large group of individuals and does not have any interests other than the interests of the members it is comprised of. A society cannot act on its own. All that is done in the name of the society or State or government is done by...

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The Fundamentals of Collectivism Theory

Does an individual live for himself or does he exist for the sake of others? Is there any purpose to life other than achieving the goals one sets for oneself? These are the two fundamental questions that theorists have attempted to answer in their own different ways. While individualists believe that a person lives for oneself and oneself alone and is free to pursue the...

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The Anatomy of Totalitarianism Theory

Strength is honoured and is always looked upon with great admiration. Therefore, it is natural for human beings to aspire for greater and greater strength so that they are not only oppressed but are also respected. The opposite happens when a person sees himself oppressed. In face of oppression by a superior force the one who is oppressed often harbours a desire to get back...

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The truth kills and brings you back to life. Lies turn you to ashes irreversibly and irredeemably. 1 week ago

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A monkey -- I am told -- challenged (empirically perhaps) Darwin's theory of evolution because he did not turn into a human being despite having been a minister for years. 4 weeks ago

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पता चला है की ‘आधार’ वर्ष २०१७ का ‘वार्षिक शब्द’ (Word of the Year) माना गया है। २०१७ के पहले हम ‘आधारहीन’ थे ऎसा कुछ अन्तर्निहित सा जान पड़ता है। मेरे इस कथन से यदि राष्ट्रप्रेमी बंधुओं को आघात पंहुचा हो तो मैं क्षमाप्रार्थी हूँ। 4 weeks ago

@rsprasad @UIDAI Please get your facts right, Mr. Prasad. All news reports have cited the said FIR stating the names of the reporters and the Tribune as accused. Are you misinformed or are you misleading? Either way it reflects badly on you.… 2 months ago

Woman gets an entire plane to herself due to booking error -via @inshorts 2 months ago

@Ashish_Shukla_ And Happy Human Rights Day to you, too. 🙂 3 months ago

@Ashish_Shukla_ Thank you, Ashish. 🙂 3 months ago

@RakeshSharmaINC Thank you, Rakesh. 🙂 3 months ago

Says a lot about the government’s resolve to keep people informed.… 3 months ago

Finally a stand I can appreciate Mr. Gandhi for.… 3 months ago

That people thought the saviour was at work with the magic wand of demonetization killing fake currency, corruption and black money in one smooth swipe displayed hope, irrationality and hero-worship all rolled into one. 3 months ago

So much for killing counterfeiting. How could that be an answer to fake currency anyway? Burning the books is not the same as closing the printing press.… 3 months ago

Those who say money can’t buy love have no idea what all money can really buy. 😛 3 months ago

A fledgeling politician was found having sex like normal people. The question is: So?! 3 months ago

Stop talking of Bullet Train. Our trains might take matters in their own hands. 😝… 4 months ago

What's your Birthday Month? — December.… 4 months ago

I'm a student of yours and the only reason I'm writing … — It is both difficult and easy for me to answer your que…… 4 months ago

Respect the Prime Minister and keep suffering, guys. India is changing, nay, developing. We just need more faith.… 4 months ago

Perhaps this ‘represents’ Indian culture of the present day at least, right?… 4 months ago

For the cracker-loving numbnuts, message from the divine.… 4 months ago

Like crackers were not enough. Dhol too! 😑 4 months ago

2 Delhi cops suspended for failing to stop sale of crackers -via @inshorts 4 months ago

Sir what are your views on Aarushi murder case ? Do u t… — The acquittal was no surprise. All that I needed to say…… 4 months ago

Sir what is your email address ? Because hrs@hemrajsing… — This is not something you need to use for. If yo…… 4 months ago

And Aadhaar was principally for better distribution for the sake of the poor, or was it? 4 months ago

Wearing that underwear would not give you those abs. It's an ad, my dear, and that's a model whose principal qualification is the abs. 4 months ago

Afghanistan used half of its Air Force to protect Amitabh 5 months ago

And I thought Chetan Bhagat was just a crappy writer. How ignorant of me. 5 months ago

The temples and the statues are all they can deliver in the name of governance, is it?… 5 months ago

The jokes of a spiritual joker. 5 months ago

Don't just show the map! Lead the way like a real adult. Leaving kids in the woods with a map is no good. 5 months ago

Sir thank u veryyy much for being kind , humble and gen… — You are welcome. I am glad I could be of some assistanc…… 5 months ago

Are u leftist , centrist or rightist? — I believe in generous/liberal fairness. Does that fall anywhere within tho…… 5 months ago

There ? Eager waiting for answers ☺🙈🙃 — Hopefully, in answering a few pending questions, I answered a few of you…… 5 months ago

What are your views on Karl Marx's theory of Communism? — Although I am familiar with the theory, but I don't thin…… 5 months ago

Sir what according to u is a solution to d Kashmir issu… — I don't have the required competence to answer the ques…… 5 months ago

Sir, you are an inspiration to your students ... but h… — I guess I answered the question already. One thing that…… 5 months ago

Have u learnt anything ( life lessons ) from your stude… — No, no life lessons really. They are way too inexperien…… 5 months ago

Sir why aren't u answering questions ??? — That's because I do not answer all questions here any longer. It was ju…… 5 months ago

A waste management program could raise employment. No forward thinking plan was put in place. We only got theatrics for the money. 5 months ago

With the money collected, the government could put together a viable waste management program by private-public participation. #SwachhBharat 5 months ago

That was like paying the maid to clean the house, and then cleaning it yourself because the maid said so. #SwachhBharatAbhiyan 5 months ago

They imposed a Swachch Bharat cess. Took our money for cleanliness. And asked us to keep Bharat clean. And it made sense to so many of us. 5 months ago

Why is Modi above criticism and why is this tendency to silence all criticism of the incumbent Prime Minister? 5 months ago

This is the kind of shit that irritates me in the stupid times of Modi worship.… 5 months ago

Except for plurality, nothing quite 'represents Indian culture'. 5 months ago

Taj Mahal is as much Indian as any temple or any other monument. 5 months ago

Why do all anchors behave like Goswami these days? This is not journalism; this is badgering.… 5 months ago

Indian morals? We have a different set of ethics than the rest of the world? 5 months ago

Rohingyas A Terror Threat? NDTV Finds Little Evidence Of Government Claim -… 5 months ago

Stop abusing on the field. That would serve the world better.… 5 months ago

Petrol prices may come down from Rs 70 to Rs 38 under GST. Will government do it?… 5 months ago

Sir what kind of students do u like or enjoy while teac… — Attentive and receptive, as the students should be. Mor…… 5 months ago

Single? — Not for anybody to whom it matters.… 5 months ago

Mr. Gandhi, I, for one, am fine with your telling the world that all India is shit. Just don't say it's alright to be shit for that reason. 5 months ago

Arnab Goswami made fun of Karan Johar along with Rahul Gandhi. Did Johar disclose that he did not vote for the BJP? :-p 5 months ago

If this was a political assassination, the perpetrators and their protectors must pay both legal and political price for it. 6 months ago

A true journalist is nobody's friend. He or she is the speaker of the truth and revealer of the facts. Such people have enemies all around. 6 months ago

What really happened, and who did what are important questions to be answered before we point fingers even if we know where the rot is. 6 months ago

What's this debate really about? A journalist has been slain for the journalism she practiced. Let's get to the bottom of it, and then talk. 6 months ago

Kevin Rudd's following an account featuring a picture of a scantily clad woman raised eyebrows. How tame. :-p 6 months ago

There you go. The world takes note.… 6 months ago

Could self-reinforcing self-righteousness be one of the reasons? 6 months ago

Why does Mr. Modi only follows the supporters of the Hindu Nationalism project? Why aren't his critics on the list? 6 months ago

If Mr. Modi follows Mr. Bachchan, Mr. Tendulkar, Ms. Arundhati Roy, Mr. Amartya Sen and the likes, it is understandable. Why Dadhich? 6 months ago

Why does the Indian Prime Minister follow absolute nobodys on Twitter? To stay in touch with the masses? Masses without the critics, is it? 6 months ago

Is that an undemocratic autocrat at the helm who demands unquestioning obedience?… 6 months ago

The godman turns out a common criminal. 6 months ago

20 years is not so bad for Baba ji. This would be the true 'sanyaas' for the unholy Baba. 😝 6 months ago

Baba Rapist: This was not a fit case for a little over the minimum sentence. 6 months ago

The trial courts do not go easy on the accused in such cases usually, and leave it to the superior courts to reduce sentences. 6 months ago

Baba Rapist: A sentence enhancement by the superior courts wouldn't surprise me. 6 months ago

"The arrested men have told that they wanted to sacrifice themselves for the Dera chief and were part of Quarbani Wing, set up by Dera." 6 months ago

Life imprisonment is not easily handed down, but the spiritual leader status of Baba ji makes his crime severe enough for a lifer. 6 months ago

It is unlikely that Baba Ram Rahim is getting under 10 years in prison. 6 months ago

Saudi Man Divorces Wife For Walking Ahead… 6 months ago

Sir, don't you just want to know sometimes that who is … — I have responded to a similar question/input before. He…… 6 months ago

So much for data protection. 7 months ago

Great news. Kick the misbehaving asses out. 7 months ago

Armed Forces veterans write open letter to PM Modi: Condemn targeting of Muslims, Dalits | The Indian Express… 7 months ago

@pradeep33246599 Who is Babu Bhaiyya? Learn to talk if you really feel the need to interact. 7 months ago

What aspirations? To be exposed to one less language instead of one more? Promote Kannada, don't resist Hindi. 7 months ago

I am sure a small fraction of the Black Money unearthed through the demonetisation can solve it. 7 months ago

Killing in the name of Gau Bhakti not acceptable: PM Modi -via @inshorts 8 months ago

What shit do they keep spewing from the wrong end of their bodies. 8 months ago