GANGS OF WASSEYPUR – II: Neat Finish To A Clumsy Start Movies

When Indian heroes, led by Angry Young Man Amitabh Bachchan, turned superhumanly powerful and invincible, the mainstream Indian cinema became the wonderland of all kinds of possibilities with the ever-raging battle between good and evil thrown in, in which the good always triumphed, and the only thing left to be enjoyed was the trajectory it followed to attain the final victory because the ends were...

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GANGS OF WASSEYPUR – I: Sleaze and Gore for ‘Realism’ Movies

Kashyap begins by dropping us in front of the television with ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ playing moments before a bullet shatters the television and over a dozen people let loose their bullets and country-made grenades together with their profanity-spewing tongue. Enter realism. Or the Kashyap version of it. The gunmen go around bullet-spraying the house liberally from all sides indiscriminately with a clear intention...

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TRISHAGNI: A Layered Tale Ably Told Movies

All religions attempt to marry spiritualism and ethics. One is not supposed to entertain harmful thoughts or harbour ill-will against others, for it hampers one’s own spiritual evolution and is the breeding ground for immoral conduct. Buddhism is no exception to this general approach that all religions subscribe to. However, the teachings have to be clearly understood in the right context. Even the staunchest of...

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The Final Argument Personal

As a 14-year-old it was beyond me as to why my father wanted my presence when Kailash — a drunkard rickshaw-puller employed for small chores at the hotel owned and run by my father for better part of his life — requested my father to talk his daughter into abandoning her abusive husband for good. Even today I can only speculate, for I never asked...

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Facebook and the Law: Nothing ‘Private’ About It Law

Sharing is life. Enter Facebook. No, I am not beginning to run it down for the simple reason that for all its flaws and ill-effects – if ‘it’ has any of those and not the users – it is a remarkable tool to connect and answers to our most basic need at all times since the Stone Age – collaboration. Yes, ‘collaboration’ is indeed a...

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Agneepath: The Hritik Puppet Show Movies

Greek gods don’t walk the path of fire; it takes an angry, never-old man, sore and coarse from a long, rocky life of raw deals. And muscles might look ‘pretty’ and ‘sexy’ — whatever that means — and ‘pretty sexy’, but they don’t necessarily look menacing or dangerous, particularly when all ‘chocolate boys and men’ of Bollywood now wear muscles like there was a dress...

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No ‘clean chit’ possible, Mr. Modi Law / Politics

Modi’s ‘clean chit’ flag-hoisting followed by the pompous ‘fasting’ and the post-fast boasting was a three-stage tragi-comedy of no consequence and left me more disgusted than amused exposing my misgivings about my ability to go giggling even over the most ridiculously phony theatrics. Mr. Modi, who had maintained a ‘studied’ – rather, ‘tactful’ – political silence, finally found a bit of his voice when he...

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Freedom of Press: Is Regulation Encroachment? Law

Unhe raha gurez jis bewajah ke shor se; Jamooriyat hai zinda un kehkahon ke zor se Democracies are clamorous because people are noisy, and the senseless noises they make are generally not only of no consequence, but are also born of selfish motives in most cases while in some it’s plain malice at work. But, it is this baffling disorder that is the heart and...

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A practicing lawyer specializing in both civil and criminal trials, and a working journalist.

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@chetan_bhagat It amazes me how naive people can be, even people who are moderately educated such as yourself, Chetan. Countries are not people. It's not friendships that govern foreign policies, it's self-interest. Besides, Trump is an imbecile child-man. His words and gestures mean nothing. 3 weeks ago

@ICC Is ICC a cricket-crazed teenager who starts slapping "all-time greatest" label on anybody who delivers a few impressive knocks? 2 months ago

@ICC Really now? That's what International Cricket Council, world cricket’s governing body, has come down to? Making fun of legendary cricketers? Such a comparison is unfair to both Tendulkar and Stokes. 2 months ago

To Sanjay Manjrekar: Who do you think is the most technically sound batsman playing for India in World Cup 2019? #AskStar 3 months ago

@ArvindKejriwal - The free bus and metro rides for women is an incredibly bad idea in addition to being unconstitutional. It's way too stupid even by your own unenviable standards. Is repeatedly getting slapped starting to have an adverse affect on your mind? 4 months ago

@shekharkapur Please share the details of where you met this rickshawwallah and which village he came from. 5 months ago

@ArvindKejriwal किसने माँगा था पूर्ण राज्य जो देते घूम रहे थे, केजरी? मुर्ग़ियाँ पालक पनीर के लिए वोट दे सकती हैं, बटर चिकन के लिए नहीं। 5 months ago

@narendramodi You mean the assassinated former Prime Minister of India you maligned not very long ago? Criticising him was perfectly fine but calling him corrupt, when no personal corruption was ever proved, was clearly out of line and indecent. 5 months ago

In such an acutely vitiated political atmosphere, Exit Polls are more unreliable than they ever were. Even if BJP returns to power, the final results are almost certain to deviate from the exit polls substantially, if not drastically. 5 months ago

"Love is a verb." - Coffee Shop (2014) 5 months ago

@dhruv_rathee They did the same flipflop with 'The Hindu' as well when the newspaper published about Bofors and then when it exposed the Rafale deal. For telling the same kind of truth in two instances, the newspaper was patriotic and anti-national depending upon who it exposed. 5 months ago

The Raj Dharma advice from a mountain to a speck of dust.… 5 months ago

@ArvindKejriwal National elections are not contested over local issues, Kejri. Delhi will vote for the nation, and not for Delhi alone, for the voters have the basic understanding of the constitutional scheme that you spectacularly lack. 5 months ago

Silence maintains the illusion of wisdom beyond the reach of discerning radars. 5 months ago

If so, you could send some vultures to count the bodies after "warriors" like yourself and the gallant PM had flown across the border and destroyed enemy camps. You might even find a few of such vultures within your party if you look hard enough.… 5 months ago

@BDUTT Since in Islamic tradition God is referred to as Allah and 'Khuda' is Persian for the same, 'Allahhafiz' is more like being more 'authentic' or Islamic, if you will. Ramzan's turning to 'Ramadan' is just linguistic preference. I prefer 'Ramzan', for I like the sound of it. 5 months ago

Probably BJP was feeling ignored by the Election Commission (EC). So, they fielded Pragya Thakur. And now the EC seems unable to keep from serving notices on her one after the other. 😅 5 months ago

One can't counter lies with lies. Someone is clearly lying. But if a former CoAS is, it would be a new low. Air needs to be cleared on this now.… 5 months ago

@BDUTT @RahulGandhi Rest assured, Barkha, they can approve of anything at all so long as it has been said or done by their presiding deity. It's not for no reason that they are called 'bhakts'. You are assuming basic human decency here. That's a mistake. 5 months ago

@dissolving_mind @virsanghvi Also, being an old practice is not the same thing as being the right one. Besides, a commoner saying something and a Prime Minister saying it are not the same thing either. Those are a few differences that readily come to mind. However, you are entitled to your opinion. 5 months ago

@dissolving_mind @virsanghvi Criticism is not the same as accusation. One may be criticized for the ideological position one takes, alive or dead. Accusations are factual allegations regarding one's involvement in a crime or immoral behaviour. One needs to prove them as facts first. 5 months ago

@virsanghvi @dissolving_mind Apart from that, how does doing the same thing make it right only because it has been done in response or retaliation? Also, one can't invoke the past sins of others to defend one's present sins. 5 months ago

जिनसे अपने जूते नहीं खुलते वो दूसरों की परेशानियां दूर करने निकले हैं। “मैं खड़ा हूँ यहाँ पे।” क्यों खड़े हैं कहीं पर भी? बैठ जाइये, थक जाएंगे। होना तो आपसे कुछ है नहीं। थोड़ा आराम ही कर लीजिये।… 5 months ago

@OmarAbdullah Using violence to make -- rather force -- a political point is the very definition of 'terrorism'. 6 months ago

@rohini_sgh @virsanghvi @DelhiPolice He is not just an individual. He is the duly elected Chief Minister of Delhi with 67/70 majority, no less. And yet. 6 months ago

@shekharkapur @narendramodi Such an epoch-making statement. Wow! Is it magical, too? Can it clean Ganga? Or has it been already cleaned by the magical treatment plant of Modi-words? 6 months ago

@virsanghvi Although I have no respect for this 'work' or his status as a "Canadian of Indian origin", I do respect his right to stay and work in India. That said, he is still an outsider, having voluntarily sworn allegiance to "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada." 6 months ago

@akshaykumar No problem. Please continue. We might even call your contribution 'Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)'. Citizenship is not a 'non-political' issue, especially when you take upon yourself to conduct 'non-political' interviews of 'our' politicians during the time of 'our' elections. 6 months ago

'Love' is blind also to the behavioural, cultural and intellectual poverty of the object of love in addition to its general blindness to all things relevant. 6 months ago

@ArvindKejriwal - Who is asking for full statehood for Delhi, Kejri? The police listens just fine. The rest of the things you claim statehood would help you do can be done to a large extent without full statehood. On this plank you’ll get no votes. 6 months ago

What do these BJP people say? To whom does it make sense?… 6 months ago

@kritish2007 @tavleen_singh And how exactly do you know her ordeal in such intimate detail? She was a terror suspect under arrest on charges of having killed her own countrymen. Terror suspects are not questioned softly. What is this 'leftist' rant? And who is a leftist? The one who talks of the poor? 6 months ago

@battakhushboo23 Pragya Thakur is not so much of a political candidate as she is part of the hardline posturing that started with Yogi Adityanath's appointment as UP's CM. It's simply about how far can they push the envelope on the force of 'Modi wave', which might be waning but is not out yet. 6 months ago

@virsanghvi Accused of killing her own countrymen for the politics of hatred, she goes on to belittle the sacrifice of a police officer who laid down his life in defense of his countrymen. And she is contesting to represent the same countrymen in Parliament. Layered cake of insults, that. 6 months ago

@ReallySwara If BJP comes back in power, regardless of whether she wins a seat in the Parliament or not, the possibility of her conviction will get dimmer, if any possibility is left by that time, given that the evidence tends to disappear and memories fail as the time passes. 6 months ago

@ReallySwara No, she has been but in all likelihood will be. She has been charged by the court, but the investigation agencies are in no mood to do the legwork needed to obtain a conviction, which is what the 'clean chit' by the NIA and the like means. 6 months ago

@vrsrini @virsanghvi They are not there to understand or discuss, only to counter and abuse, which is why they don't engage in meaningful discussions but in pointless shouting matches on national television. 6 months ago

@virsanghvi You could be Archangel Gabriel far more convincingly than Ramdev can be a saint. 6 months ago

@PritishNandy No, I don't think that's really the right response. What is needed is not "giving it back" but giving it right. Calling someone anything should not lead to violent backlash, no matter who the person is. That's suppressing dissent all the same. 6 months ago

@narendramodi Unless one is voting for you, one is not voting for the nation, right? These kiddies seem unaware that they wouldn't be electing a 'head of the government' but an MP. They don't know the first thing about Parliamentary Democracy. They are not electors, they are cheerleaders. 6 months ago

@ashokepandit "Doosron ke paap ginaane se apne paap kam nahin hote." Salim-Javed made one of his characters say that in one of the films written by them. Filmein dekha keejiye filmein, Pandit ji. 'Deewar' hi dekh leejiye jab tak Vivek Oberoi sahab ki behtareen adaakari parde pe nahin aati. 😂 6 months ago

@ashokepandit Furthermore, why are you engaging in this pointless whataboutery? Counting their sins wouldn't take away from yours. If you are doing what Congress has done, how are you any different anyway, if that was the point? 6 months ago

@ashokepandit Do you even understand the difference between being accused of a murder and being accused of a terror act for political gains? And, worse, when the person has her political visibility solely on account of such alleged gruesome acts and hate speeches. 6 months ago

Someone thinks that there is “no difference” between being intellectually lynched and physically lynched. Really? 😐… 6 months ago

Actually. That’s how I now know who are the crazed animals who can do little than follow blindly and defend viciously any kind of insanity aa long it’s favoured by their ‘Supreme Leader’.… 7 months ago

They would credit Modi for the change of season, too, if the idea was not completely absurd. But one never knows; they just might. 😂… 7 months ago

No, I am not a chowkidaar. I am a citizen of India whose interest the chowkidaars are constitutionally bound to protect and serve. 7 months ago

Chowkidar Narendra Modi?! Really now? This gimmick from the Prime Minister of India? Clever comebacks are fine for election rallies. Twitter profile of the Indian Prime Minister is unfit for electoral rhetoric. Maybe Modi couldn’t really be anything other than a BJP campaigner. 7 months ago

@Zebaism This is certainly outrageous. 7 months ago

@shekharkapur What's going on Shekhar? Why do you want us to believe anything and anybody without being sure? Asking questions does not make us a 'soft target', it makes us a vibrant democracy that our future generations would be proud of and thankful to us for. 7 months ago

We were a civilisation once. We are a raging mob now. Be proud of it, if that’s possible. Interestingly, it is possible, which says a lot about us. Need I say more?… 7 months ago

@IAmSudhirMishra If you must know, they also ask inconvenient questions. And who among the hero-worshipers ever liked hero-questioners, if you will, in any civilization at any point of time in near or distant past? 7 months ago

So, again, how much damage did we inflict on the terror organization after risking the lives of our brave pilots who conducted the airstrikes, and after making Wing Commander Abhinandan go through the ordeal? Or is it an anti-national question these days? 8 months ago

"We do not count human casualties," says the IAF. The Prime Minister tells us to trust the Armed Forces (the fact of airstrike is not under question anyway). So, not trusting the number of casualties initially given until established does not amount to distrusting the forces. 8 months ago

If we all remain patriotic and nationalistic, the 250/300/350 unconfirmed casualties of the airstrike would remain dead even if some, many or none of them died. Faith keeps finding new ways to kill, shall we say? 8 months ago

India must ensure that Pakistan is held to account for the misuse of F-16s.… 8 months ago

People crying for war with Pakistan neither understand war, nor Pakistan, nor 'war with Pakistan'. 8 months ago

@OmarAbdullah Better still if there was no bragging at all. 8 months ago

Heartening to know that Wing Commander Abhinandan has been treated with due respect by the Pakistani Armed Forces.… 8 months ago

Absolutely. He is a soldier doing what he is duty-bound to do. He, as an individual, is nobody's enemy.… 8 months ago

All military engagements, howsoever small, are serious situations involving human casualties. Stop dancing around. This is not a wedding. 8 months ago

Let's bring the celebratory drumming down a few notches, shall we? We have done what needed to be done. The air strike was more of a retaliatory gesture than a solution. There are no lasting solutions on the battlefield. 8 months ago

@HarishKhuranna @sardesairajdeep I believe, Mr. Sardesai is the kind of man who looks for the truth in face of contradictory claims by two sides opposed to each other. One might call such people the 'seekers of the truth', if you will. 8 months ago

And that you should continue doing, Mr. Sardesai. That's your job. Armed forces will do theirs, I am sure, and you should continue with yours. A crucial part of your job is to verify, which is inherently opposed to the idea of 'trust'.… 8 months ago

No, that is not entirely true. India has called it a 'non-military' strike. That description has been carefully used to communicate that the strike was not against Pakistan but against JeM within Pakistani territory. We want no war. That has been the message.… 8 months ago

@virsanghvi China and Pakistan are not like Jai and Veeru. They are more like Gabbar and Sambha; not exactly though. :-p 8 months ago

There you go. That's what happens when cow worshipers become VCs.… 10 months ago