Divorce: Irretrievable breakdown needs no legislative reaffirmation Law

It is not the existence of a legally recognized ground but the occurrence of an irretrievable breakdown that is the indispensable prerequisite for the grant of divorce. Irretrievable breakdown is, thus, an inbuilt condition that needs no further affirmation from the legislature Dead marriages need a ‘death certificate’ to be buried for good, which is what divorce actually is. Courts do not kill marriages. Most...

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The ‘breakdown’ story Law

A realistic hypothetical story closely resembling a number of cases and demonstrative of the tumultuous insides of a modern Indian marriage. An educated, bright and ferociously independent girl is married to a successful young professional from an affluent and reputed business family. After two years of marriage and a baby boy, the wife finds herself unable to live with a husband who is perpetually distrustful....

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Eve-teasing and the Law: The ‘Cute’ Cancer Law

Statement 1: “Main aapko bike pe ghumaunga. Hum badi aish karenge…Ice cream bhi khilaunga.” (“I’ll take you around on bike. We’ll have lots of fun. Will also get ice cream for you.”) – A 4-year-old boy to a distant female relative of 24 (twenty four). Statement 2: “Didi, aap bahut sundar ho. Main bada hokar aapse hi shaadi karoonga.” (“Sister, you are very pretty. When...

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Justice Sabharwal has been accused of serious ‘judicial misconduct’ and quite an enviable amount of space has been given to it in the newspapers, it being a serious issue besides its having invited sentences for the ‘courageous’ journalists who splashed it across the front pages of a tabloid as a juicy news item. The charges are quite serious and bring higher judiciary into disrepute, which...

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